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A family lawyer in Adelaide can assist in advising you of your rights given the complexities & potential loopholes that exist within family law.


When a person dies without a Will, your estate may go to people you don’t want it to.

What Kind of Cases Do

Family Lawyers Adelaide Deal With?

Family lawyers in Adelaide are committed to providing justice to their clients. Whether it is a legal-aid client or fee-paying clients, the lawyer doesn’t hesitate in extending any help to fill in the relevant forms, explaining the legal proceedings and handling the case professionally. The lawyer listens to the problems and concerns of the client and precisely tells whatever is achievable and what is not. The rules, processes and procedural restraints are clarified to them during various meetings.

What Types Of Cases Does A Family Lawyer Deal With?

Family lawyers deal with many issues such as:

  • Child support and shared parenting agreement
  • Separation of spouse or divorce
  • Separation of domestic partner
  • Spouse maintenance
  • Division of asset and other property related disputes
  • Making wills
  • Pre-nuptial and cohabitation arrangement
  • Child custody and so on…

Do You Need 

a Divorce Lawyer in Adelaide?

Even if it is amicable, and with mutual agreement, divorce is always a difficult experience. It is an emotional and stressful time when you need help and counseling. The stress can be relieved by an experienced divorce lawyer in Adelaide who also knows how to help clients in dealing with stressful moments. What is the definition of divorce in the law books? As far as the Australian Law is concerned, the Family Lat Act defines “divorce” as the termination of a marriage relationship. It is a legal process that has to be followed to get a divorce granted by lawyers. Either the Federal Court or Family Court deals with the divorce matters. When a couple divorces or separates, there could be other issues arise, e.g., deciding about parenting arrangements for the kids or dividing the assets.

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